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  • USB AVR Dual channel oscilloscope

    Just a video I made for some friends. It's an avr oscilloscope based on an attiny45 avr.

    You can find the original project here (I am not the original creator):


    AVGA v0.1 demonstration


    Atmel movie player Blackberry LCD

    "Movie player"
    - atmega324p 20Mhz demoboard
    - Blackberry 7220 LCD
    - micro SD card
    - 5V poversupply
    I converted the movie to rgb565 format and save the card.
    The AVR read and send the data to LCD
    thats all :)


    The Story of AVR
    What on earth is AVR? How did it become one of the biggest successes in the industry?
    And what does AVR really stand for? Watch this special to become enlightened, meet the AVR inventors and Atmel Norway founders, and get a peek inside the AVR design centre in Norway.


    LED Game for AVR

    Portable Game DIY Kit(Japanese).

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